Xmas Card photo locations with a DC feel

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for holiday cards.  I thought I would give some of my favorite places to take holiday themed photos in the DC area.  If it’s too late for this year, just keep these holiday photo spots in mind for next year’s holiday card.


White House Christmas Tree

White House National Christmas Tree

The best known location on this list, the White House Christmas Tree (official site here) is a very popular tourist and local attraction during the holidays.  This makes it a tough spot to take photographs without interruption. Every time I have visited the White House Xmas tree it has been swamped with people; that’s not to say that showing up at an unreasonably late hour would take care of the crowds.  If the photograph is taken from the right angle it can include the family, the tree and the white house.


Zoo Lights

National Zoo Lights

At the Smithsonian National Zoo, the Zoo Lights (official site here) are a great family outing in the area.  Much like the White House Tree, the mostly animal themed light displays, are usually very crowded.  The limited hours (5pm-9pm) the Zoo Lights are open to the public make it difficult to wait out the crowds.  There are a lot of light displays and they are very spread out, so patience will be needed to get your shot. Here is a link to some photos I took during a past visit to the Zoo Lights.


Georgetown Trees

Georgetown Christmas Tree

The metallic white light trees in Georgetown are in two locations, corners of M street & Key Bridge and M Street & 29th Street.  Crowds will not be a problem at either location; however both trees are located at roads with high vehicle traffic.


US Capitol Christmas Tree

Capitol Christmas Tree

Not as well known or as much as a destination as the White House Christmas Tree, in my opinion the US Capitol Tree (official site here) is a nicer Christmas Tree and a much better location for photographs. As seen above a photo with the subject, the tree and the capitol is easily framed.  The most private spot on the list, tourist will not be a problem and security probably will not bother you as long a tripod is not used. We were able to get a dog and a cat in a photo without any problem at all.



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