“The People’s Marathon”

Yesterday was the 34th annual Marine Corps Marathon, here in DC. We decided to head down to the course and take a look, cheer on some runners.

The race started around 8:00 am. The Course for the race takes runners from just in front of Arlington National Cemetery, and the Iwo Jima Memorial across the Potomac River thru Georgetown, around the National Mall, and back across the Potomac to finish just past The Pentagon near the starting point.

 Claudia and I headed down to Georgetown near our place with Bailey to take a look at the race. Bailey has some issues trying to chase runners, so we figured this might help break him of it. Still too early to tell if it worked, but he settled down a bit after the first few thousands ran by.

I’m not kidding about thousands, either. The Marine Corp Marathon doesn’t get the publicity that the New York or Boston marathon’s do, and deservedly so, but it’s a big deal around here. We heard on the news that some 30,000 ran in the race, with a winning time of 2:21:47 by John Mentzer. Some of the more famous people to finish the Marine Corps Marathon in the past have ranged from Oprah, to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Even Ted Koppel.

I’ve never done a marathon, probably never will, so I have instant respect for anyone that does. It was fun to check it out and then get some breakfast.


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