Art & Furniture

Upcycled a couple of pieces of furniture this past weekend,  an old school desk and a wood stand.  Here are a few photos hope you like them.

Desk (4 of 4)

Reclaimed Desk into Art

  I’ve been meaning to post about this project for a long time, but couldn’t managed to make time.  However since this piece has sold and I mentioned on it on my podcast I figured I would make the time to post some images. I first fou


ArtOmatic 2015 – El Tiempo Latino Article

    Really happy to get mentioned in El Tiempo Latino’s article about latinos in ArtOmatic 2015.  You can see the full issue of El Tiempo Latino here.

ArtOmatic Front

ArtOmatic 2015

    ArtOmatic is back this year and for the first time ever I am showing my work. For those not familiar ArtOmatic takes places every 2 to 3 years and is the biggest art show in the area. Organized by Artist, ArtOmatic has about 500 a


CityAperture’s FIRST (and quite possible only) ANNUAL END OF THE WORLD SALE

I am a big fan of apocalypse based movies and shows. Theories about the end of the world are abundant, deadlines have come and gone.  However, one of the most popular apocalypse deadlines, the End of the Mayan calendar, is now upon us.  It is sai