US Capitol Sunrise during Inauguration

Inauguration 2013 – Photos

  Thanks to the volunteer work we did for the campaign, we were lucky enough to get tickets to President Barack Obama’s Inauguration.  It was a long day and as the above photo of the capital shows we arrived before sunrise.  We were a lot close


Scott Kelby 5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

  This past Saturday (Oct 13) I attended Scott Kelby’s worldwide Photowalk. ( ) It was my first time participating, amongst the “Monumental Core, West End Mall” walk, lead by Dave Mullen.  I had a great time, m


Marine One Sighting

I was over by the Washington Monument with the family (Claudia, Newton and Bailey) working on some possible X-mas card photos, when Marine One (Presidents Helicopter) flew right over us and very close to the monument. I snapped a few photos


Albert Einstein

  Things have been busy lately, there hasn’t been a lot of time to post, but I’m trying to re-commit myself to this blog. So, in an effort to continue with the statue project: One of sciences' most influential minds also has a statue in D


Let there be light.

The National Christmas Tree lighting tonight by President Obama and his family has been dominating the news around here. Check out how I was able to crash the concert and ceremony.     Ok, so I didn't actually crash the ceremony


Solar Decathlon 2009 @ National Mall

Every 2 years college and university teams from not only the US, but around the world design, build and operate energy efficient (and solar powered) houses. Those houses are currently displayed, competing and open for tour on the National Mall. Cla