World Makerfaire 2016 Poster

Walking the City – World Makerfaire 2016

This past weekend attended World Maker Fair 2016, with Claudia and our friend Ray as we all represented the MAdE Podcast at the faire.  Some of you may remember my trip to World Makerfaire last year, but if your not familiar, Maker Faire is a ce


Art & Furniture

Upcycled a couple of pieces of furniture this past weekend,  an old school desk and a wood stand.  Here are a few photos hope you like them.

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National Maker Faire Review

A couple weeks back I went to National Maker Faire here in DC and shot some video.  Here is a video review of our weekend at National Maker Faire. [youtube width="560" height="315"][/youtube]


Making – Book Folding

  While at an art festival, an art teacher friend and I noticed some interesting art pieces created using books. The pages of novels folded almost like origami to make 360 degree almost sculptural forms.  Knowing that I had learned origami

World Maker Faire 2015 New York City

Walking The City – World Maker Faire 2015

  A couple of weekends ago I jumped on a bus up to New York City and spent almost no time in Manhattan.  It was the first time for me.  I was in Queens to be exact, attending World Maker Fair 2015.   For anyone that is not familiar, M