World Makerfaire 2016 Poster

Walking the City – World Makerfaire 2016

This past weekend attended World Maker Fair 2016, with Claudia and our friend Ray as we all represented the MAdE Podcast at the faire.  Some of you may remember my trip to World Makerfaire last year, but if your not familiar, Maker Faire is a ce

Ask Rayceen Show Photographs by Jose Valcarcel CityAperture

ArtOmatic 2015 – Ask Rayceen show photographs

    I was so happy to be the guest photographer for The Ask Rayceen show at ArtOmatic on Dec 5th.  The variety show was so much fun and packed with dancing singing, comedy and artist showing their work. I got to speak a bit about


ArtOmatic 2015 – El Tiempo Latino Article

    Really happy to get mentioned in El Tiempo Latino’s article about latinos in ArtOmatic 2015.  You can see the full issue of El Tiempo Latino here.

ArtOmatic Front

ArtOmatic 2015

    ArtOmatic is back this year and for the first time ever I am showing my work. For those not familiar ArtOmatic takes places every 2 to 3 years and is the biggest art show in the area. Organized by Artist, ArtOmatic has about 500 a

World Maker Faire 2015 New York City

Walking The City – World Maker Faire 2015

  A couple of weekends ago I jumped on a bus up to New York City and spent almost no time in Manhattan.  It was the first time for me.  I was in Queens to be exact, attending World Maker Fair 2015.   For anyone that is not familiar, M

US Capitol Sunrise during Inauguration

Inauguration 2013 – Photos

  Thanks to the volunteer work we did for the campaign, we were lucky enough to get tickets to President Barack Obama’s Inauguration.  It was a long day and as the above photo of the capital shows we arrived before sunrise.  We were a lot close

TEDx Stage Close

My TEDxMidAtlantic Experience

A couple of weeks ago I attended TEDx MidAtlantic at the Harman Theatre in DC. It was one of the most inspiring and educational things I have ever attended. I always watched the TED talks online, and have a few favorites like this Brad Meltzer’s


At the LEGG MASON Originally uploaded by josemne Heading out to Canton Ohio today, for the Football Hall of Fame induction of Emmit Smith. Until some photos of tha are taken here is a photo from The Legg Mason tenis tournament we went to yesterda


New York Avenue Sculpture Project

    I recently noticed some new sculptures on the median along New York Avenue near my job (between 13th and 14tth Streets NW). I waited until a nice weather day to check them out and take a few photos, only to walk right into the mid


Tai Shan the panda and ZooLights

    With some family in the city for the day we decided to go visit one of DC’s most famous residents and one of the rarest animals in the world. Unfortunately Tai Shan, the 4 year old Panda Cub, will soon be heading back to the home of his anc