Scott Kelby 5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk


This past Saturday (Oct 13) I attended Scott Kelby’s worldwide Photowalk. ( ) It was my first time participating, amongst the “Monumental Core, West End Mall” walk, lead by Dave Mullen.  I had a great time, met a few folks that I only knew through social media and made a few new friends.

Here is a flickr gallery from Dave Mullen, including a couple of candid shots of me while shooting or between shots…and below (again from Dave Mullen) a group shot in front of the white house.



Along with the opening image at the top, the following is a shots I made during the walk.  Now, I need to select one image to submit for the official walk contest by Oct 22… feedback for selecting an image will be appreciated in this PAGE




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  1. Dogan says:

    - Hey, I’m glad to see that there will be multiple walks this year in the DC area. Hosting two in the same day last year was a litlte difficult so I’m happy to see new leaders stepping up. DC is a city of such diversity that it can easily handle a half dozen great photowalks. Good luck and have fun with yours. I can’t wait to see the photos.Jeff

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