New Orleans work trip #…I don’t know…let’s say 10

Going to New Orleans always makes me a bit sad. I’ve been exclusively working on this project (more on it maybe on another post, as it hasn’t “gone public” yet) in New Orleans for basically the entire year (but been on it for 4 years) that has required me to travel there several times. Every time I am reminded of the first time I went, about 2 years before Hurricane Katrina (more than 7 years ago now), and how it isn’t the same and may never be again.

I was just out of college then, had been working for Zeidler Architects almost 3 years. We were there for a Theatre conference; I had no idea just how much time I would get to spend visiting what at times has felt like the deserted ruins of a city, everything was new to me in New Orleans. Bourbon Street was jammed with people, people hanging out of balconies. During the day the streets were filled with Music from live bands, there was a long market that sold everything New Orleans. We had to get a reservation to go to the same steakhouse I had no problem walking up to on Tuesday night.

I had a good time visiting, like I have always had when I have been to New Orleans, despite the fact that it has always been for work. But it always makes me a bit sad, to see how far of the city is from where it was. I watched a show about the city, and the host did a good job of describing New Orleans, so I will leave it with that, “New Orleans is like a beautiful woman who’s had one eye gouged out, two missing limbs and a permanently damaged outlook, but also very important, she is not dead either”.


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