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Book folding Art CityAperture


While at an art festival, an art teacher friend and I noticed some interesting art pieces created using books. The pages of novels folded almost like origami to make 360 degree almost sculptural forms.  Knowing that I had learned origami as a child, She turned to me asked if I can figure out how they are done and show her so she could teach her student.


Book folding Art CityAperture


Figuring out how it was done and recreating the book art (pictured above) is not what I enjoyed the most. I knew she would need a way to show the students.  So I decided to make a drawing of instructions, using origami instructions as a model, I hand drew the instructions below.


Book folding Art drawing CityAperture


I am really proud of how the drawing turned out, and it has me exited to get back to doing more hand drawings again. Hope you like the drawing and hope you try making the book art. If you make one, post pictures in the comments, or tweet them at me.

Some additional photos below.



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