Let there be light.

The National Christmas Tree lighting tonight by President Obama and his family has been dominating the news around here. Check out how I was able to crash the concert and ceremony.



Ok, so I didn’t actually crash the ceremony and concert….just some Salahi’s humor (link for those of you under the rock).

The Concert and Ceremony looked like a great time, on TV….and would have been enjoyable had we won the ticket lottery, but we didn’t. We will still at some point head over to see this years tree.

In the mean time below is a link to the story and above a photo from our visit last year.



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  1. claudiab says:

    Secret Service: my husband is just kidding we did not intend to crash the party…. even though I did sign up for the lottery ticket and I never received an email telling me we did not win….Darn it those people ruined it for all of us! But again WE DID NOT CRASH the event. :)

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