Launching the new

I’ve been in the process of redesigning my website for what seems like years, but in reality it has only been a couple of months.



The main goal of the redesign was to emphasize the portfolio galleries.  While the original menu links are still present, all text, links, and menu are now monotone.  I wanted the images to be the only visual color entity within the site, thus setting the website elements as a backdrop canvass, while featuring the photography as the star of the show.  There is a image slide show which rotates between all the portfolio galleries and the most recent blog photo entries. The main galleries are featured in three windows each linking to a portfolio page.


NEW DEVICES (cityaperture on the GO!)

With the ever-changing world of technology in mind, it is important for my site to work on mobile devices, everything from iPads/tablets to smart phones. Smart phones are slowly becoming mini presentation screens, and being able to showcase my work on the go was a must. This is something that I had been wanting for my site for a long time now, and I am ecstatic that I can finally say it works on mobile platforms!



Another design goal was to provide my clients and website visitors quick links to navigate the website, and more importantly to other sites where my work is also featured and sold.

For this purpose a new tab on the main menu named “Prints” has been added and linked to CityAperture’s sales page, where customers can purchase architectural themed art prints.  Also, at the very bottom are 3 columns, with links to portfolio pages, features of latest blog entries and my latest tweets (follow me @CityAperture).  Icons for quick access to my social media presence are at the very top right corner next to the CityAperture logo.



The last goal I sought to achieve was to provide a venue for continued dialogue with clients and website visitors. I needed to include my blog under the same website as my portfolio.  For years I used the blogger platform for my blog, now for the first time it is integrated and hosted as part of  In the blog you will find posts about the city I live in, the buildings I’m photographing and some tips about the way I shoot. Creating content and sharing information about photography, conferences, places I visit, design, architecture and also a place to feature personal projects.



Much progress has been made on re-designing and launching the new website and there are still a few more things that will be coming online throughout the year.  I like the service provided by storeenvy,  yet to continue building on  my goal of integrating everything under my own host, I’m working on a site integrated solution for my print sales, similar to the blog. Look for this coming very soon. Similarly, a YouTube channel is in the works and I am developing  video integration to feature video projects.  Along the same lines, I am working on personal projects that will get their own portfolios pages and blog posts.



I knew I wanted to use WordPress to build the site, I heard that it was easy to work with, widely used and free.  First, I needed to understand how WordPress ( works and I needed to find a host. The host part settled rather quickly as I used a company that made the “getting started” process quick and easy. With it’s one click install, I was up and running within fifteen minutes of signing up with Hostgator, then I just needed to edit my theme to what I wanted.

I studied computer science for a few years before fully dedicating myself to art and architecture, so I wrote code before, but never done it in HTML. While a lot of the concepts were familiar to me, I was still learning.  I knew how I wanted things to look and function, just not necessarily how to make that happen.  To get me going, I took a free class at the library, read alot at book stores, and used Google search more than ever.  Using WordPress paid off here, as you can pretty much find an answer to anything you want to do with it online.  I learned more about coding in HTML then I ever thought I would, and it was much easier then I expected. I encourage anyone looking to build a site to go this route.


So there you have it, that’s the why, what, how and still coming.  It has been a fun process and I’m mostly happy with the site. I’m already in my head as to what the next one will look like…feel free to comment on what you think or if anything doesn’t work properly.


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  1. I want to be the first one to congratulate my beloved husband on the launch of the website, and his continuous determination of sharing his awesome talent with the rest of the world. He is both an inspiration and proof that an idea can become a reality! I wish him & “us” the best today and always. Cheers to the website and especially to the talented man behind it. I love you so much. (Claudia Barragan)

    ps: I highly recommend him for your next architectural photography project, and buy prints they make a wonderful gift.

    • Noemi says:

      Spring fever! It’s sunny here for the first time in days and days.I love the shots of the BBG Rose garden and the budiginls across the street. Really beautiful light!

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