Is that Simon Bolivar?

About a year ago, I began to notice just how many statues there are in DC, hundreds . I even begun to joke with Claudia and anyone that would ask, who is that a statue of? “That’s Simon Bolivar”. Pretty soon every statue was Simon Bolivar.

Why Simon Bolivar? Well, that pretty much one of the only things I remember from Peru (where I was born, for those that might not know). I don’t remember much about Peru at all, but I remember the Simon Bolivar statue. I couldn’t begin to tell you were it is in Lima, but I have a somewhat clear image of it in my head. For those that may not know who Simon Bolivar is, He led revolutions of independence from Spain for what are now the nations of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. Another of the few things I remember learning in Peru.

But if I wasn’t a monkey’s uncle, a few months ago I actually ran into a Statue of Simon Bolivar in DC. Both shocked and amazed, I took a few shots (one of which is the main photo for this post). It took me back to a place I left a long time ago, made me laugh at myself and it has now embarked me on a new mission; to photograph and learn as much as I can about the statues that are spread out through DC. I don’t know what I’ll find, but if it could take me all the way back to my child hood, it can only be good.

If you ever visit DC, the statue of “The Liberator” Simon Bolivar is located on the corner of 18th St. and Virginia Ave.
Simon Bolivar (1783 – 1830)


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