A little roller derby action for Halloween


Claudia and I decided catch some hot girl on girl action for Halloween. Girl on girl sports action that is…. ;) ….more on one of DC’s new/old under ground sports after the jump.

I had heard about the DC Rollergirls a year ago, but we never made it to a bout. After watching the new Drew Barrymore movie about roller derby (Whip It) we just had to go check out the real thing.

We headed out to the DC Armory to catch the roller derby bout between the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and the Scare Force One. The DC Armory is an imposing concrete structure that first opened on 1941. The Interior appears to have seen better days, but on this night that did not stop the hard wood floor from transforming into a slick flat derby track. Which means this isn’t your mothe….well, I guess grandmas roller derby?….I don’t actually know how long its been since roller derby’s hay day. The point is the action is fast, there are hard hits, food and beer, what more can someone want.

The DC Rollergirls are on their 3rd season, having started play on 2006. The Rollergirls are the National Capital Region’s only women’s flat-track roller derby league. The League is made up of 3 teams, The Cherry Blossom Bombshells, Scare Force One and The DC DemonCats. We will definitely be going back to check out another bout, so if your in the area or are tired of watching the Redskins suck :) , go check it out.

The DC Armory is located at 2100 East Capitol St. SE and it is adjacent to the Stadium-Armory Metro Station on the Blue and Orange lines.



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  1. SKabs says:

    Hey these photos are great! DC Rollergirls has a flickr group if you want to post them there!

    #89 Scare Force One
    DC Rollergirls

  2. Slick says:

    Great writeup! Thanks for your support!
    DC DemonCats

  3. claudiab says:

    I (2) enjoyed the Girl on Girl action… :) … we need more events like these in DC…thanks derby girls…. Jose and I will definetly make it next time… Shout out to “Majik Twanger” d’great MC…what would my derby name be?… You’ve got to check out the derby girl’s names….Killary Hittin’, Ovary Action, Condoleezza Slice and the top contender…Marion Barrycuda… so glad Jose is always up for my non-typical outtings…:)Love Ya Babes!

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