First Entry – We begin in DC

Decided to start a blog a few days ago, I had been thinking about it for a bit. Ever since I moved from South Florida, almost 7 years ago, to DC I have seen and experienced “The City” like I never realized I would. I want this to be a place were I can write down the experiences, locations, events and general everyday life from living(/walking) in a city.

My “laboratory”, currently Washington DC. My “Lab” partners, my wife Claudia, my faithful companion/cat Newton, and Newton’s dog Bailey. Claudia is a local to the area and could tell you how to get around better then I ever could. Newton made the trip from South Florida with me, but he enjoys walking the city as much as I do. Bailey is the new member of the family, and yes he is Newton’s dog.

Not sure how it will go yet, but hopefully everyone that reads will enjoy the journey of “walking” the city.


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  1. Great idea for a blog, Jose! Good to see you and Claudia are well!


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