Commission – Shot a Weeding for the first time ever

First Dance

Yes, I actually shot a wedding….never thought it would happen. I am by no means a wedding photographer, I shoot architecture.  However, a good friend of my family was getting married and was not going to have a photographer as they were on a budget, so I shot her reception for her.

It was an intimate reception, in a smaller party room with poor lighting.  I immediately knew I had to use the flash, I attached a transceiver to each (camera & flash) and hand held the flash at the needed angle for each photo.  The photos won’t win any wedding photography awards, but they turned out well and our friend was happy.

I don’t think I’ll be making weeding photography a regular thing, it was stressful and took a long time to edit, but overall I enjoyed the experience.  Here is a small selection of the finished photographs:

Wedding Cake

Cutting Cake





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