Commission – The Metal Shop

Diamond State Machining Overall

A few weeks ago I packed up my gear to photograph Diamond State Machining.  The Metal Shop located in Milford, Delaware, about two and a half hours from Washington DC.

The metal shop was a challenging space to photograph. The shop is a massive air hanger like space. Laid out to be very functional for the metal work that takes place there; the large machines, equipment and parts make it difficult to capture overall photos of the shop.  I needed to take a different approach in order to properly present the shop.

Diamond State Machining Drill Area

I noticed that the layout and height of the machines almost defined spaces within the large shop.  This led me to photograph the spaces between the machines.  The drill press area is almost like a room due to the arrangements of the similar machines and the working area needed. I also wanted to make an effort to show the technology of the machines, precision they can achieve and the large volume of work produced at the shop.

Drill Press

Machine Control Panel

Metal Parts

Scrap Metal

Finally I wanted to make a portrait of Ray Pena, the Fabrication Manager at Diamond State Machining.  Ray is a good friend of mine, I have known him since College and he is always working with these kinds of machines.  I have never taken a photo of him at either his home wood shop, or in his work.  So here is a quick and impromptu environmental portrait.

Ray Pena Metal Shop



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