Making – Book Folding


  While at an art festival, an art teacher friend and I noticed some interesting art pieces created using books. The pages of novels folded almost like origami to make 360 degree almost sculptural forms.  Knowing that I had learned origami as a child, She turned to me asked if I can figure out how they are done and show her so she could teach her student.     Figuring out how it was done and [.....]

ArtOmatic 2015 – Ask Rayceen show photographs

Ask Rayceen Show Photographs by Jose Valcarcel CityAperture

    I was so happy to be the guest photographer for The Ask Rayceen show at ArtOmatic on Dec 5th.  The variety show was so much fun and packed with dancing singing, comedy and artist showing their work. I got to speak a bit about my photography and here is a short video of my time on stage.   [youtube width="600" height="400"][/youtube]   Below are some of [.....]

ArtOmatic 2015 – El Tiempo Latino Article


    Really happy to get mentioned in El Tiempo Latino’s article about latinos in ArtOmatic 2015.  You can see the full issue of El Tiempo Latino