I was born on 1979 in the South American country of Peru.  My family relocated to the States when I was nine, and I lived in South Florida until 2003.  I earned a Bachelors of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University in 2002, were I also took several art classes including photography.

Below are a few statements about me, that will tell you to more about who I am.

I married the love of my life Claudia in 2005. Our growing family includes Newton (cat) and Bailey (dog).

I will admit it…. I’m scared of man eating plants, and not just Little Shop of Horrors “feed me Seymore” like man eating plants, even the little Venus Fly trap ones….

I went to college, graduated and have worked for the past 12 years in architecture because of a mistake by the Florida Public School System (who would have thought). I got placed in a drafting class my freshman year of high school and I was hooked. I don’t really believe in fate or “meant to be”…. But I guess sometimes things just work out.

I won the Alpha Rho Chi Medal when I graduated from architecture school. It was the worst thing that could have happened to me. It made me think I was better than I was. I don’t know where the thing is now (probably in some box in a closet) and its staying that way.

I honestly believe buildings have character, personality, feelings and not in a Louis Kahn “what does the brick want” kind of way. To me they are lonely, happy, proud…etc. We project feeling on to them and they project feelings on to us.

I love the theatre; I have worked with in it for so long now. I really do love it, plays, musical, operas, etc… All of it, but I just never go. I really need to work on that.