ABOUT  CityAperture

I have always been drawn to the built form, particularly the intent behind the design. Since becoming an architect my understanding of design principles and construction details have given me a deeper vision and perspective of the built environment.  My photography style entails drawing out the city planners’ contextual approach, the architects’ distinct use of materials, and the intended user experience, to expose the hidden beauty in an unexpected way. Through my work I share a personal perspective of the city I live in and the cities I visit.

Aperture is the camera setting that allows the artist to draw out the important elements in a photograph and separate them from the background. It allows focus over a wider range of space; it controls the visual depth of field.

Those two concepts together are why I named my photography company CityAperture.

My name is Jose Valcarcel, I started CityAperture in 2009. To read some facts about me, please follow the Bio link below.  To learn about my architecture experience, please follow the Architecture Resume and Architecture Work links below.


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