a building mostly known as the Zei Building

Work is still really busy, with the deadline quickly approaching I haven’t been able to get back to the blog. But since we are talking about work, here is a little info and a photo on the place I’ve been spending a lot of my time at.

About a year an a half ago the office moved from our location in Georgetown to a building mostly known as the Zei Building. The building is located in the middle of a block accessible only thru 3 alleys, one which is Zei alley.

Originally an electric utility substation, the building was widely know around DC as the Zei Club for many years. After the Zei club closed the building sat empty for a few years. Today its the place were I’ve been spending most of my time.


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  1. Wiz Garber says:

    I was the manager of Zei when it opened in 1992. It’s nice to see someone has done something with it. I’m glad it’s architects.

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